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In a bold Fender first, the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb amplifier uses massive digital processing power to achieve a single remarkable sonic feat: faithfully modeling the circuitry and 22-watt power output of an original Deluxe tube amp. Using a high-performance 100-watt digital power amp to achieve t..
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Fuzz is essential to the sound of modern music. Ranging from smooth and polite to sputtering and broken-sounding, this effect is the heart of rock and roll. The Trapper combines two discrete fuzz voices into one chassis with global Tone and Contour controls to shape your sound to taste. The softer-s..
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A good fuzz pedal is indispensable—this gloriously splatty, satisfying sound has been the cornerstone of rock tone for decades. An all-original design, The Pelt Fuzz has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. All the familiar controls are there: Level, Fuzz and Tone, along with a Bloom control to shape ..
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Dynamics are a crucial part of playing music. When controlled they bring music to life, but uneven or wild playing can ruin a performance. We put our expertise to work creating The Bends Compressor, a studio-quality stompbox that tames wild volume spikes without altering your tone. Drive and Recover..
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