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Angel - JOGO SINOS CROMATICO 25 NOTAS AG-25N2: A quality 25-note Glockenspiel with silver plated sound blocks, encased in a sky-blue plastic carrier case, making this portable instrument ideal for home use and use in schools. The silver plated sound blocks are rested on silicon buffers, to dampen th..
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Schlagwerk - SHAKER SK50 Groovy Shaker: This small, light, precise and highly durable wooden shaker combines all the desired features of a shaker with the playing scope of a Caixixi. Play it horizontally and it sounds like a shaker, play it vertically and it sounds like a Caixixi...
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Schlagwerk - SHAKER SK40 Double Shaker: This absolutely professional wooden shaker is great for just about every situation. Two fill-chambers allow for diverse playing possibilities and the multi-chamber system creates a stereo effect...
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Schlagwerk - PAR RODS Cajon BRC03 Elasticks: What's special about the Elasticks is the flexible handle which allows for a completely new feeling when playing as well as a reverse playing technique. With the rings supplied, the sound can be modified from soft to intense...
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Pro-Mark - PAR BAQUETAS RBH565AW Rebound 5A: A baqueta ProMark Rebound 5A apresenta um formato de ponta de bolota e um afunilamento longo, produzindo uma sensação de peso traseiro que é ideal para agilidade...
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