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Alesis PAD PERCUSSÃO Strike MultiPad
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Alesis - PAD PERCUSSÃO Strike MultiPad: Introducing the Strike MultiPad from Alesis - the first percussion pad incredible enough to earn the Strike name. The Strike MultiPad is an incredibly capable and versatile device that far surpasses the performance and creative potential of any previous electr..
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Alesis - PAD PERCUSSÃO SamplePad Pro: With SamplePad Pro, there’s no limit to your sonic creativity. SamplePad Pro is the all-in-one percussion instrument that knows no bounds. It features 8 fully responsive and velocity sensitive pads with blue LED illumination. There are hundreds of professionally..
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Korg - CAIXA RITMOS Stageman 80: You need rhythm for your solo performances. You have a rhythm machine, but you want your performance to feel more “alive.”. The STAGEMAN 80 is a multi-function portable PA amp that will meet those needs. This unit contains a large number of high-quality rhythm patter..
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Carlsbro - PAD PERCURSSÃO Okto A: O pad de percussão Okto A apresenta 8 pads de borracha de alta resposta e resistentes ao desgaste, configuráveis ​​pelo usuário. 2 pedais de interruptor para controlar o bombo e o o choques, 408 vozes de bateria, 30 kits de bateria predefinidos, 20 kits de bateria d..
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Alesis - PAD PERCUSSÃO PercPad: The PercPad enables you to add four drum pads and an optional kick trigger to your acoustic or electronic kit or percussion setup. It's compact, easy to fit into tight setups, easy to use, and it contains sounds that are perfect for accessorizing standard drumsets. ..
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